Cultivate your inner witness and

become your authentic self!

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Currently based on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, Chental is a Consciousness Coach and Author.

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Slated to be released in Spring 2019, Pure Pilgrimage is about a journey back to self, using personal truth as your compass.

"Chental Wilson is a genuine artist who expresses her innermost passions, dreams, fears, and desires through the essence of a  personal breakthrough in her life canvas. In her recent book Chental becomes this mystical canvas, the rainbow of paints, the magical brushes and the heroic painter whom have painted the courageous and honest images of her true self, deepest aspirations and greatest passions. This book is written for those who long to awaken the power of their sleeping giants within.  It is so much the truth that it is us and all that we love, experience, and create; and dare to accept the unprepared challenges to free our authentic selves from the overdue barricaded cocoons and become the ultimate spiritual warriors of life! " 
- Dr. Peter Yam,  Naturopathic Doctor