A Journey Back to Self, Using Personal Truth as Your Compass

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This is a journey into the clarity of who you really are.

A compass, pointing north, only gets pulled off its course by magnetic interference. What if we had our own personal compass and what if we could learn how to consciously navigate our lives from it?

Who is this book for?

Pure Pilgrimage was written for conscious truth seekers who yearn for greater self-understanding and personal growth.

This book is for you if you:

  • Have difficulty speaking your truth

  • Feel that you can’t be yourself

  • Don't feel heard by others

  • Are afraid to say what you think

  • Avoid conflict

  • Doubt your own intuition

In the early 2000s, I had an epiphany that offered me a deep understanding of the wounds of my past and how I had let them stop me from living as my true self. The results of this experience were transformational, particularly for my marriage and other close relationships. Any and all fear to communicate my deepest self had vanished and I was now free to not only speak my truth, but also to finally love and accept myself unconditionally. (Read about this journey in my first book Can I Be Me, Without Losing You?)

I have discovered how to tap into my own compass guided by truth, and I want to help you do the same.  In Pure Pilgrimage, I outline my seven steps for change allowing you to discover how to:

  • Speak your truth with compassion in any situation

  • Dispel all fears and doubts you may have about yourself

  • Express yourself clearly and confidently from your heart

  • Be received openly by others

  • Welcome conflict as an opportunity for growth

  • Trust yourself

  • Deliver your truth fearlessly!

  • Love and accept yourself unconditionally

I offer exercises and stories from my own experience as well as wisdom from other teachers. This book is an inspiring guide to anyone who wants to learn to dispel fear, speak their truth with compassion, and understand more about life and themselves.

If you are not feeling content, at peace, or happy with your life, or if you are curious to see what living from your truths and being guided from your own compass could mean, this book may have the answers you have been looking for.


Pure Pilgrimage is a truly unique and extraordinary guide to help you discover more about who you really are and how you can truly live a blissful life. With this book I truly believe Chental is revealing ideas that have the potential to truly get you out of disempowering emotions and into wonderful feelings of self-love and joy. Enjoy!”

-Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author, peggymccoll.com

"Pure Pilgrimage is a transformational guide for those seeking to dispel fear and use personal truth as their compass. Chental’s seven-step process teaches you to find the freedom you need to unconditionally love yourself and pursue your life’s purpose."

-Steve Olsher, New York Times Best Selling Author of What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do, steveolsher.com

“I’ve welcomed Chental's book into mine and my family’s life, and also into the lives of many of my clients. Its liberating message is vital knowledge for all of us. Chental’s wisdom is a lifeline to escaping patterns of behaviour that unhappily hold us from ourselves to our self. ”

-Jonathan Damonte, RSHom (NA), CCH, CBT, Homeopath & Bowen Therapist at the Be Well Now Centre

Pure Pilgrimage is a book that transcends time.  Chental Wilson gives us vital life-transforming information that is relatable, full of essential insights, wisdom and empowering processes. Chental interweaves personal and challenging aspects of her own life’s journey to demonstrate the ways and means she, herself chose to courageously stay true to herself and her life’s purpose. She explains how she did this by listening to her inner guidance that continued to lead her forward, sometimes in challenging times while she stayed compassionately connected to others in her life.

Specifically, Chental's book can assist anyone who wants to break free of areas of residual fear, anger, hurt and unforgiveness and transition towards their own inner wisdom and truth. She does this by providing step-by-step exercises to address these difficult areas. These exercises focus the reader to go beyond fear and move into the strength and vibrancy of our authentic, deeper selves - where we are more powerfully grounded in love.

This book matters, because for every one of us who can be encouraged to more fully and truthfully embrace our uniqueness, from a place of integrity, self-acceptance and compassion - we can then become positive change-makers for ourselves and for others. Being truthful about ourselves can undoubtedly be a life-long journey. In this book, Chental has offered a guiding light.”

-Barbara Halcrow, MSW, Author of :"Ultimate Self-Care, A Holistic Guide For Strength And Balance In Changing Times" and "Spiritual Intelligence, How Your Spirit Can Lead You To Health, Happiness And Success" , barbarahalcrow.com

“Pure Pilgrimage is inspiring and helpful. It gives tremendous insight into what spirituality is. Chental reveals the treasures of the ages that are hidden in plain sight within us. For readers seeking truths and spiritual understanding, her teachings overcome resistance to direct divine communication by breaking through ego barriers. The practical exercises help the readers to become self-reliant in solving personal problems and charting a new course for the future. It can transform the readers' life.”

-Dr. Peter Yam, N.D. , doctoryam.com

“Chental is a brave and courageous woman, sharing her journey into finding herself with much love and compassion. This book gives clear direction and steps if you are willing to be brave, to find your voice, live authentically, and release yourself from fear.  Living on this planet, having this human experience, is a learning process. Living a life joyfully and lovingly is the most beautiful way to spend our time here and one worth working for. Enjoy your journey with this book to living fearlessly and authentically as YOU!”

-Lisa Sliwowska, Energy Healer, figsandhoney.com

“A powerful and concise way to stop, take a good look at yourself, and - if you choose - wake up to subconscious patterns that may have been holding you back for years. Chental shares her experiences and insights in a way that can help you rediscover the direction you really want your life to take - and this book helps you now polish the compass to do so'.”

-Dr Jason Cressey, PhD (Oxford - Psychology), Motivational Speaker & Author of Deep Voices


“…I literally consumed the first chapter of your book. It is exactly what I needed at this moment...so much so that I feel like crying — feel some relief that I’m not some freak that is all alone. I’m at that place in my life where I am so stubborn about speaking my truth, but I am not feeling the grace part yet. I’ve always wanted to be seen as ‘good’ but lately I have this rebellious force within that doesn’t care what anyone thinks of me. I’ve felt like everyone around me is confused about me, and simply doesn’t get me. I love the Deepak quote about being a victim, but now it’s time for me to take responsibility for how my life and health unfold from here. I’m going to make the right choice. Thanks so much for sharing your courageous journey of stepping into the truth of who you are with us. Pure Pilgrimage is the perfect title, by the way. Lots of love.” - Jeanette