What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is very similar to an athletic coach only it's not focused solely on the physical goals, it's about helping you live a life true to yourself on every level. Whether it's physical, emotional or business goals, my job as a Life Coach is to help you achieve the life you want. I call the process “Becoming a Detective in Your Own Life”. Once I help you understand what's blocking you from having the life you want, then I will give you action steps towards achieving your goals and creating a fabulous life.

What is a Consciousness Coach and why do I need to have consciousness in my life?

Consciousness is the ability to become aware of yourself. Difficult to do, but not impossible to achieve. It takes time, encouragement and patience to cultivate, but it is possible to become a conscious observer of yourself. We are all aware of others' behaviours, but seldom our own because it's very difficult to watch yourself in action. How the outside world perceives us, how we think we come across to the outside world, and who we think we are often are not the same.

Being aware of how you act is becoming Conscious. My passion is to help you see when and where and why you have moments of unconsciousness in your life and how this is keeping you from the life you want.

Without consciousness in your life, it's very confusing and difficult to understand why you haven't reached the life you wished for, why your relationships aren't working, why you don't have the job you want, etc. I have you build an awareness muscle in your consciousness so that you can make conscious choices in your “choices” to achieve what you want in life. Once you have this level of awareness, you will start to see how you can now achieve the life you dreamed of having. Many never go on this journey and it's not for the faint of heart. It requires a trust and faith in yourself that we in our society have not yet been taught to cultivate and it's waiting to be discovered in you, for you.

In short, a Consciousness Coach is a person who can see/read your unconscious thoughts and actions and reflect them back to you so that you can see also. Once that happens, consciousness has been brought in and then from that place you can now make a “conscious” choice. Then I go on to teach you how to do this for yourself on a regular basis.

This is nearly impossible to achieve without a direct experience or someone who has been before you to coach you through the steps and encourage you to keep going. If this intrigues you, please book an appointment and see if I can help you unlock your magnificence.