Conditioning vs. Truth

Years ago I denied myself my own truth. I actually believed that I was here to make others' lives better and I at some point, even agreed that I would and could do this by compromising myself and my own truths. It's like it came with a guaranteed prize at the end, the prize being that everyone else would be happy. I thought that was enough for me, I thought that would sustain me and make it okay for me to compromise myself for others. And it did for a long time, then one day it didn't any longer.

This is where I came to know for sure that I was unconscious and unhappy and not living in my own truth. I had denied myself my truth believing it was for Peace and Love for everyone else and I could do this. But I forgot the most important person: MYSELF! I had been conditioned to be this way, it was not my truth, it was not sustainable for me.

After our children grew up and left home, I had a moment one day where it felt like I was transported to another place, really more like a black hole drifting around for a few seconds in the darkness of myself. During these few seconds I heard a voice that led me back to my true self.

It said "You are saying yes when you mean no. It's time for you to know your truth and why you have compromised this in yourself, then go on to teach this new way of communication. Use truth as your compass, but you must deliver it with the utmost compassion for others as they will not understand you.”


The dialogue that day was truly life changing. I write about it in detail in my first book Can I Be Me without losing you?

This conditioning has been responsible for the halt in human evolution and it's time for a shift in consciousness now using this tool. We, especially women, have been conditioned to conform to keep the peace and therefore not live in our own truths, always putting peace before our truths.

This message that I received in this moment totally threw me into living my truth, my mantra was NO MATTER WHAT I will speak my truth, delivered with compassion, but I will speak it 100%. I knew it may not be someone else's truth or that it may not be received well or that I may end up being wrong, but that no longer seemed to matter. I became a fearless communicator of my truth and this has set me free. I never deny myself my truth any longer.


My passion now is to show you the way, using simple tools even though they are not easy to put into use. It requires patience, courage, and faith to reach the truth of who you really are. The question we all ask ourselves "Why are we here?" The only way you will be able to answer this is by living in your truth. This is where your answer is hiding, in your own truth so start today.

Ask yourself and share: Where in your life are you not living the truth of who you are? Do you know why you do this? Together let's make a difference in our lives and in others' lives. Be brave, be bold, but be kind.

Explore these ideas more in my first book, Can I Be Me without losing you?