FOCUS and CONSISTENCY will move you in the direction you want to go!

At my workout a few weeks ago, my trainer gave me a much needed wake up call. I was complaining that I wasn't getting any firmer or fitter, finally she said,

"Chental, you're not consistent!"

OUCH! I felt that as truth, but it still stung! She said “You have great focus when you are here, but without consistency, I can't help you meet your goals.”


I took her comment with the warmth and love it was meant, it was true. I tend to have so many things on the go all at once and something has to give and it often seems to be my workout routine.

I thought about where I was at with my fitness commitments: I was doing a yoga class on Mondays and Fridays and I worked out on Wednesdays. No wonder I wasn't getting any fitter, I was really only doing one workout a week! You see, my mind had convinced me that I was at the gym three times a week, but that wasn't true when it came to my workouts. I couldn't count my yoga towards my workout time.

So I took her comment to heart, I thought how can I be more focused and consistent with my workouts? This is what I committed to:

Mondays - Yoga and one hour workout

Tuesdays - Road walk/run for an hour

Wednesdays – Cardio machines at the gym

Thursdays - Workout with my trainer

Fridays- Yoga class

By sticking to this schedule I added 3 hours of workout to my week and after 3 weeks of being consistent and focused, I'm happy to say I've lost 3lbs and am feeling more toned as a result and pretty proud of myself for making this happen.  

Proof that being focused and consistent does work.

Not only has being consistent been good for my workouts, but it has followed me into my work and the writing and marketing of my book, "Can I Be Me without losing you?" I first published this book over 3 years ago with a small local Canadian publishing company, but it didn't come with any marketing advice or a budget for marketing so I decided to re-publish with Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publishing, much more my genre! Plus Louise Hay has been someone I have admired for years. Her message of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is a simple message but one that we seldom tend to listen to. She created one of the largest publishing companies out of this message and I just love that! She inspired me to never give up on my own message and passion of sharing what I have come to know as "Truth".


So Balboa Press seemed like the perfect fit for me. I worked with them twice a month for just under a year and with that level of focus and consistency, my book was just re-released in the USA. Yay for that! 

Once again proving that achievement requires focus and consistency.

Next, I am learning how to market my book. I never wanted to learn all the ins and outs of social media marketing on my first release, I just wanted to pay someone else to do it for me. Good luck with that, that was not what the universe wanted from me, it needed my own energy behind this very personal message.  Now I am committed to learning new marketing techniques, so I set myself another new schedule. My Mondays and Tuesdays are dedicated to using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging to share my passion, after my workouts are done of course!!!

Yet again Focus and Consistency is where it's at.

What is your "block?" Where in your life do you find that you just can't seem to get to that very most important thing? Share your stuck-ness with me, see if I can help!