"A labyrinth has a single pathway, the only choice is to enter and trust the path."

Chental Wilson, The Consciousness Coach

Personal Consciousness Coaching - $110 / 60 mins

Are you having trouble with a specific area of your life? Do you need help with what to do with a specific situation at hand? From relationship problems with your spouse, children, friends or family members to money issues, jobs,  life choices, I can help. With personal coaching let me help you identify your goals and your blocks. With my action steps and your effort we can create real change in your life! 

Coach on the Go - $30 for 15 Mins

Need a quick answer? Are you struggling between two options and need someone to bounce your ideas of off? Let me be your sounding board while I also intuitively read what your desires are to direct you to that answer. Whether its the decision to move in with your partner, or out, or how to decide whether you should start your own business, I can help!  

Clients Speak

"Chental Wilson is intuitive, relatable, and matter of fact. She has the ability to tap into our deepest feelings and thoughts drawing them to the conversation. Chental's approach to coaching has done more for my life then 10 years of previous counselling." 

-Zoe D.

"Chental is a gifted and beautiful soul. She works from the heart, honestly, with compassion and direction. She effectively navigates people through to what they need to see and heal. Being incredibly insightful, supportive and encouraging Chental is a brave and talented author and consciousness coach and a dedicated mother, wife and friend. It is an honour to know her."

-Lisa S.