Alzheimers and a New Year

Hmmm, tough day. My Mother in law went into a care facility today. We have had her staying with us for the last 5 days and before that the family has had her for 4 weeks wondering what to do next, its all such a difficult time, knowing what is best. As I went to sleep last night I thought wow how great it is that she has been able to be with her family, its been hard because those of you who have anyone suffering from dementia know its not all easy, what a lovely thing for her family to do for her. Watching the duality of a human being especially one so close to you is hard. Trying to understand where their minds are travelling at this difficult time in their lives. Fear of so many things.

It made me think about myself and all of us that in fact we all have this duality within us, is Alzheimer's really just the Jekyll in us, having lost the filters of our conditioning and all our fears and frustrations just coming out into the open. Thats what Ive witnessed, fear, fear of loss of those you love, fear of loss of control over ourselves, fear. How does one navigate this stage of our lives with peace and love and how do we help those we love navigate it from a detached loving place.

We are coming into a new year 2014. This is the time to cut the strings of your balloons you are holding onto with so many stories of old in them that no longer serve you. All the hurts, the sadness and the conditioning, the old beliefs. Cut the strings of those stories and make 2014 your own stories of your own inner truth, don't be held prisoners of your past, don't wait till you are old before surrendering to life and what it has to offer you. Don't wait a minute more, forgive those who have hurt you, forgive yourself for what you believed you have done to cause yourself or others harm, make a deal with yourself to make 2014 the year of loving and not needing to have a story of anything else, let go of the need to balance your wounds of your life. Just agree to let go and you will see 2014 will bring you new beginnings.