World Cafe

we put on a world cafe last night, that's where you have questions and rotate groups to brainstorm ideas, such fun. We had a meeting about how to create a conscious wellness community on our small island and what would that look like. Fabulous brainstorming. 

 Of course consciousness starts with each individual. I am always fascinated at how everything really does come back to us on an individual level, we can't hope to create consciousness in our community until we have first understood what it truly means to be conscious?

It reminds me of the holy grail, what was that all about anyway? To me it represents the secrets frozen in our history.  Totally misunderstood.  I have come to understand that the secret that lies in the holy grail is "unconditional love".  If you look or read about anyone who has had an awakening it all points to this one thing.  It makes we wonder whether in fact any of this is real, are we in fact in a illusion of humanity. Imagine if you thought for a moment that you were the only person in the world, how differently would you navigate your life? Would you ever have a need for the wounded ego, I doubt it. What would be the point! There would be no need to protect yourself! This is the job of the wounded ego after all.

So if that's true why not start living from as if it is true. Start by always speaking your truth but the key is with compassion, the war on fighting to be you is over! You just get to be you.